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Not YET such a mentoring program !?

There are a lot of mentoring programs. Nevertheless, you often have the feeling that you cannot always fully understand your counterpart. There are many explanations for this! For example, people grew up with different experiences because of their cultural origins or because of their economic situation. As students, we wanted mentors who not only look like us, but also have similar experiences! That's why we founded F1rstGen, because every year many young high school graduates face several big question marks shortly before graduation: What do I want to study? Where do i want to study? What do I have to do for that? How do I finance the whole thing? Do I actually have to repay BAföG?

Many such questions plague many new students every year. First generation students, i.e. students who are the first to study in their families, have a major disadvantage: They do not have direct access to personal experiences and advice from their family members. You usually have to pick out all the information and options yourself and are exposed to the university bureaucracy alone. We want to change that with a mentoring program from BPoC for young BPoC!

The program serves to offer support to young students with a history of migration. Mentees are paired with mentors on a subject-specific basis before starting their studies (preferably before applying for a degree). Our mentors support mentees and are available to answer any questions or other concerns. Our goal is to give young first generation students similar starting opportunities to those of "normal" students. Everything can and will be possible, with our help!


Who can become a mentee?

All young high school graduates (but also young students depending on the semester) with a history of migration are addressed,

  • who study first in the family

  • whose parents studied abroad and not in Germany


Who can become a mentor?

In principle, any student or graduate with a migration background can become a mentor. In order to keep the high school graduates safe, we always ask new mentors, whom we do not yet know personally, for an identity confirmation before we pair them with the mentees. So if we find a mentee for you, we will ask you to confirm your identity beforehand.